Here the first pictures of the young family
Mansur el Taschara
* 28.4.2002
3. place World Racing Championship 2005
4. place European Racing Championship 2006
2008 and 2009 Top Lure Coursing Saluki Germany
2008 German Coursing Winner
2009 Bundesjagdcup Winner
4. place European Coursing Championship 2009
German Coursing Champion
Hosneja of Falconers Dream
* 22.5.2006
Austrian Youth Champion
÷kwzr Club Winner 2009
÷kwzr Trophy Winner 2009
Res.CACIB Bundessieger Tulln 2009
Racing Licence
Hosneja is an elegant bitch, who loves track racing and lure coursing. But also in the show ring she gets excellent results, with only 15 month she finished together with her sister Hamra the Austrian Youth Champion. Because she is a slow developper like her mother we showed her again only in 2009 and in short time she got 4x CAC and some nice titles. In November she passed easily the new Austrian breeding examinations including a cardiac ultrasound and a character test.
Mansur fascinates with his friendly and balanced character, but also with his constant high performance - when he was younger on the racing track and since 2008 strongly on lure coursing. He takes part only on special events with fierce competition, his main part is "family dog". He has a very interesting pedigree with a lot of COO blood lines, which shall give Hosnejas wonderfull European pedigree a stronger hunting spirit.
Kamria with 3 weeks Khalilah
puppies with 3 weeks puppies with 4 weeks
Khalilah with 8 weeks

Karim with 9 weeks, toghether with Hayfa
Khaled and Kahira with 10 weeks

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