Hamra of Falconers Dream

* 22.5.2006
Austrian Youth Champion
Austrian Champion
Austrian Racing Champion
4. Place World Championship 2010

Camrosh Sharaf-al-Bait

* 25.3.2005
Swiss Champion
2. Place European Championship
Lure Coursing 2007+2008
3. Place European Championchip Racing 2008
5. Place European Championship
Lure Coursing 2009
European Racing Champion 2009
European Lure Coursing Champion 2010
2. Place World Championship Racing 2010
European Racing Champion 2011
3. Place European Championship
Lure Coursing 2012

Hamra is an tall red Saluki bitch, which combinates in ideal manner the lines of her mother and her father. She is very calm, selfconfident and educates our Saluki youngsters. She loves the racing track, and we are very proud that she is not only fast but also a clean racer. In the show ring she gained in short time her Austrian Champion titles, but she dosen't like it, so we didn't "hunt" further titles. Hamra is approved for breeding including an exellent cardiac ultrasound and a behaviour test.
Camrosh is an absolute outstanding male - is has shown incredible performances on the Lure Coursing field and on the racing track! But for us even more important, he has a very friendly character full of temperament. Is pedigree includes the famous I-litter of Kennel el Taschara and the strong COO lines in the el Riad breeding. Find more information and pictures about him on www.sharaf-al-bait.ch.
This litter is an elite breeding of ÷KWZR.
first pictures of the family

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