Here the first pictures of the young family
Tavous (von Mahmoudyie)
* 15.5.2010
COO Iran
breeder: Margret Hüttemann-Tamp (Teheran)

Hosneja of Falconers Dream
* 22.5.2006
Austrian Youth Champion
Austrian Champion

÷kwzr Club Winner 2009
÷kwzr Trophy Winner 2009
Racing Licence

Hosneja is an elegant bitch, who loves track racing and lure coursing. But also in the show ring she gets excellent results, with only 15 month she finished together with her sister Hamra the Austrian Youth Champion. Because she is a slow developper like her mother we showed her again only in 2009 and in short time she got 4x CAC and some nice titles. In November she passed easily the new Austrian breeding examinations including a cardiac ultrasound and a character test, the cardiac ultrasound test was renewed in 2013. Hosneja is the mother of your very successful K litter.
Tavous fulfills a dream, we were very lucky when he came in 2011 from Teheran to us, breed by the very wellknown Margret Tamp. Tavous' father is a true Iranian hunting saluki, his mother's lines go back to the breeding of Margret Tamp. Tavous is a large framed powerful dog. He has a lot of fun with lure coursing and track racing. With his 3,5 years he is still a young crazy boy and keeps our other dogs on their toes with his temperament. Tavous was registered in the Austrian stud book in 2012 and passed his Austrian breeding examinations easily in 2013 including cardiac ultrasound and character test.

We dreamd already for some time of the combination of our Hosneja, mother of Karim, Kamria, Khaled, Kahira etc, and Tavous, our gorgeous COO Saluki, but we rejected the plans because of rational reasons - Tavous too young, our pack too large -, but Hosneja decided on her own and gave birth to 4 dogs and 2 bitches and we adore them!

Mahfouz, Mehrshid and Mahburzin 10 days old Mehrshid and Mirza 2 days old
Hayfa with Mahfouz puppies with 4 weeks
M litter of Falconers Dream
Mehrshid and Majeeda with Jassirah Mirza, 7 weeks old

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