(Mansur el Taschara x Hosneja of Falconers Dream)
* 5.2.2010  + 21.12.2022

2012 | 2013

Austrian Champion
Austrian Racing Champion
Austrian Coursing Champion
Champion International de Course
Austrian Veteran Champion


÷kwzr Vice Racing Champion 2012
÷kwzr Vice Racing Champion 2013
÷kwzr Vice Beauty&Performance Champion 2013
4th place World Championship 2014 Tampere (out of 12 bitches)

track record at Krenglbach (20.5.2012 - 12.10.2014) - 480m, 32,52 sec.
best personal time at Untersiebenbrunn - 360m, 24,54 sec.

6th place Euorpean Coursing Championship 2013 Pouch (out of 54 bitches)
6th place European Coursing Championship 2014 Lavarone (out of 50 bitches)

1x CACIB, 1x Res.CACIB

stud bitch according to ÷kwzr rules
(heart checked according colledigum cardiologicum without any findings 2013, thyorid ok 2013, 2015, character test)
(heart check is valid 2 years, thyorid test 1 year)

pictures as puppy

6 month old
| puppy class Eurosighthound Grafenegg 2010
8,5 month old
| winter 2010/11, between our guests Kebrija and Nimrod
with sister Sari (Khalilah) 1,5 years old | July 2011 - Oberwart, youth best, ring of honor - best sighthound (c) Kovßcs
June 2012 - racing at Lednice, 1st place
| July 2012 - Oberwart, intermediate class, exc1 CACA CACIB BOS (c) Preisegger
typical Kamria
| 2 years old
with brother Karim, April 2013
| best of day CCLA Coursing St. Aegyd, September 2013
CACIL Coursing Grafenegg 2014
| CACIL Coursing Spitzerberg 2014
Kamria Kamria - Lavarone
WC Tampere 2014 - Kamira yellow jacket (red: Laaibah of Falconers Dream, blue: Kasumi Y-Shirvan, white: Haftrangi Tizpa Iranschahr, black: Kaida Y-Shirvan, strips: Kadimah of Falconers Dream ) (c) Antti Ruotsao | Coursing EC 2014 Lavarone - 6. place (c) Helga Lindinger
Training USB Training USB
October 2016
Training USB Training USB
racing training at Untersiebenbrunn 2017 (c) Melanie Schlick
Kamria Kamria
nat. race, senior class, Lednice September 2018 - to the start of the preliminary run with Kadimah | finals, Kamria with white jacket (Red: Laaibah, Blue: Layyin, Black: Kadimah, Yellow: Ahlam Sayah
(c) Dasa Keberlova
birthday walk February 2021, 11 years old | October 2021 - on the racing track Untersiebenbrunn (c) Thomas Schlick
12th birthday, short but enthusiastic racing training - February 2022
| December 2022, winter walk - last picture

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