Tavous von Mahmoudyieh

(Tarik x Vashi)
* 15-6-2010 + 24-1-2015
breeder: Margret Hüttemann-Tamp, Teheran/Iran

2011 imported from Iran
2012 registration to the Austrian stud book (ÖHZB)
2013 stud dog according to ÖKWZR rules
(heart checked 11/2013 according collegium cardiologicum without any findings, thyorid ok, character test)
(heart check valid 2 years, thyorid test 1 year)

2014 coursing licence

Tavous with his sister Holo and his father Tarik 2010
May 2011
Tavous Tavous
July 2011
May 2011
racing training 2013 (c) Jürgen Schwarzbauer
lure coursing training with Kadimah 2013 (c) Jürgen Schwarzbauer
CACIB Tulln 2013
Tavous Tavous
together with Layyin, Jassirah, Hayfa, Hamra and Jeenah window...

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