Saluki, Persian Greyhound, Gazehound, Gazelle Hound, Saluq, Salag, el Hurr (the noble) or Tazi - he has also a lot of other names and seems to be one of the oldest dog breeds of the world. The breed developed in the Middle East, Syria, Persia and Egypt and till the Caspian See, from Turkey to India and to the Siberian Steppe. There were found picture in the Egyptian graves, which are about 8000 years old and show exactly our Salukis of today. Because of the selective breeding of the Arabs the Saluki didnít change his type for thousands of years. He kept his good hunting abilities, his figure and his aristocratic mildness till our days.
For the Arabians all dogs are impure with exception of the Saluki. Only the Saluki lives in his masterís tent and is the darling of his family. Often his owner shares his bed with him, no door is closed for him and only the best quilt is good enough for him. The high estimation of the Saluki is founded in his job, because he added some meat to the poor food of his family hunting hares and gazelles, gazelles especially in company with a falcon (the falcon hinders the gazelle to run in sitting on his head, and the hound catches the game). Too, the Saluki protected his family against jackals and strangers.
Also today the Saluki is used to hunt hares, foxes and roes where hunting with sighthounds it allowed. But also the racing track and lure coursing are a good alternative to still his joy of hunting and his urge of movement. He is one of the most staying and quick sighthounds, and very attached to his master.

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