Enigma Hay'Zoum Al Asmaanii

(Yebelli's Emir x Zam-Sahi Tal Amal)
* 29.6.2002 + 26.12.2015
380gr / 6.55 h / No.3

breeder: M. T. AlcŠntara

2003 2010

Austrian Youth Champion
Austrian Champion
Austrian Veteran Champion
÷KWZR Club Wnner 2003
÷KWZR Clubwinnershow 2010 VetBIS

stud bitch according to Ųkwzr rules

mother of H litter and J litter

photos as puppy

Enigmas parents
October 2002 with brother Ehsaan
October 2002
4 month old (c) Bršuer
with 9 month
Enigma Kamria
Oct. 2003 (c) Bršuer
Summer 2003
June 2004, 2 years old
2 years old, with brother Ehsaan (c) Bršuer
autumn 2006
2007 racing training (c) Bršuer
Enigma Enigma
autumn 2008 summer 2008 with daughter Hosneja
Coursing EM Lavarone Enigma
racing training 2009 (c) Nicole Faschingeder summer 2009
Enigma Enigma
summer 2009 autumn 2009
Enigma Enigma
January 2010 Eurosighthound 2010 Grafenegg, VetBIS2 (c) Al NoushaFarin
Enigma Enigma
April 2011
Enigma Enigma
autumn 2011, with brother Ehsaan (both hate to be staked) autumn 2011
Enigma Enigma
February 2013
Enigma Enigma
March 2014 April 2015
Eni with N litter
with nemrah
Eni with her great-grand-children Nafsani, Nasirah, Nasheetah and Nazrat
with Nemrah - last picture

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